Listen to Social Media to boost your marketing

Do you ever just listen (or read) what people are saying on social media?

About your name, brand or business, product or service.

Some companies just see social media marketing as another promotional channel. Their social media posts are nothing but adverts for their stuff.

Those that “get it”, that social media is a conversation, a two way engagement, do better with social media marketing. They take time to interact with people. Answer their questions. Give them help. Create relationships.

But sometimes we need to stop talking. Stop conversing. Stop interacting. And just listen.

It can be one of the best ways to get a clear understanding of your customer’s needs and desires. And you can also use it to find ideas for your content marketing.

In this episode of “Marketing Made Simple”, let’s look at how this works.

It’s good to talk, but sometimes it’s the listening that reveals the gems that can grow your business.

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This is the first in a new series of videos under the “Marketing: Made Simple” banner. I’ve been doing marketing tips videos for a while but putting them out under the title, Marketing and Finance TV. Whilst this title works for my podcast, I rarely talk about finance subjects in my videos. So it makes sense to focus on keeping marketing simple. Fighting the BS and the complexity. Marketing: Made Simple!

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