Just Answer: How to come up with shed loads of ideas for Blogs, Videos and other Content.

You write articles for your business. You might make videos or podcasts.

Do you ever find the ideas drying up?

Maybe because you’re busy. Or you have other things on your mind.

Sometimes it’s because we fall victim to the Curse of Knowledge.

What’s that?

We assume our customers know as much as we do. That they know our jargon and terminology. Or at least they know the basics. So we avoid answering what to us are the bleeding obvious questions.

And yet answering those questions lets you create great content.

Check out this session with me, Pascal Fintoni and Leon Howe talking about coming up with shed loads of content ideas. It’s all about back to basics. Brevity and simplicity.

Just answer!

We chat about:

  • Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge.
  • Creating content for your customers and not for you.
  • Finding a unique blogging voice. Or video voice.
  • Using tried and tested structures like, “Problem. Agitate. Solution”.
  • Other tricks and apps you can use to pile up ideas.

I really enjoyed appearing on Pascal’s show – The Content Marketing Studio – you can click here to visit his site.

Now it’s your turn:

What are your tips for coming up with content ideas? Please share them here or on social media.