Jon Covey on goal setting, and developing and communicating your offer – MAF183

On the show this week, I talk to life and business coach, Jon Covey.

We talk about goal setting, how to come up with a proposition that’s different to everyone else’s, and how to engage with customers through communications.

Welcome to episode 182 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Jon Covey on goal setting, and developing and marketing your offer - MAF183

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • The benefits of helping others in business
  • Jon’s tips for goal setting mastery
  • How to set the right goals for you
  • How to develop your offer
  • Moving from blood red waters to clear blue oceans
  • Using social media in your marketing strategy

Who is Jon Covey?

Jon is an award-winning life and business coach, leadership trainer and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. He dropped out of school at 14 after bosses at his summer job asked him to stay on.

Jon tried a succession of different jobs before he decided he didn’t want to be the one who everyone sacked. After landing in a sales role which allowed him to start from the bottom and learn everything he needed.

He developed the ethics and principles to set up his own businesses. His experiences mean he can identify gaps in the market and help people to get the best from their company or their life.

Summary of our chat

Jon believes that helping people is so important. We do more for others than for ourselves, and once you know how to leverage that, you can live a fulfilled life. If you can tap into that desire to do more and use it to serve other people, that’s true fulfilment.

To successfully set effective goals, you need to be really clear what you want. Goals need to be believable and something that you can act upon. They also need to be inspiring. One of the first questions Jon ask new clients is what they truly want, and that’s where they often get stuck.

Jon says it’s essential to know how goals work for you. Some people are driven by a goal that pushes them, others by being pulled. Consider if you’re introverted or extroverted and choose your goals accordingly. He encourages the people he works with to break them down to realistically assess them.

Jon has developed the ‘blue ocean’ strategy which is about moving away from a competitive space to forge new markets for yourself. It makes the competition irrelevant and allows you develop your offer and innovate it. Identifying your unique selling proposition allows you to stand out from the crowd.

All businesses can find and connect with their customers on social media. Jon believes it’s vital to segment your clients to deliver them the right marketing materials and understand their psychology. Be clear on your audience before you move into a space. Knowing how you work makes this easier.

You have to define what works best for you as an individual. Jon isn’t a fan of writing, but enjoys video and audio. It’s enabled him to build authority with his audience. However, he cautions to choose what you’re comfortable with and make sure you’re in the same places as your target customers.

A Marketing Campaign or Product Which Grabbed Attention

Jon has been impressed with Volvo’s hack of the Super Bowl in the States. It’s the most expensive time to advertise on TV, and all the other car manufacturers were spending loads of money on adverts.

What Volvo did was to start a campaign saying: “Every time you see any make of car during the Super Bowl, use the hashtag ‘#VolvoContest’ and we’ll put you into a competition to win a car for someone you love.”

Recommended business book

Jon describes himself as a sponge when it comes to books and aims to read a book a week. He says Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat, about creating algorithms for happiness is phenomenal. He’s read it four times since he bought it a year ago and highly recommends it.

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