Johnny Timpson on Protection Engagement, Charities and Collective Industry Initiatives – MPAF62

The 7 Families Campaign is an example of a successful UK collective industry initiative.

In the USA LifeHappens.Org has taken the concept many steps further to create massive consumer engagement about the need for protection insurance.

In this episode I talk to Johnny Timpson who works with both 7 Families and LifeHappens.Org.

Hear Johnny’s views on how we can build upon the success of 7 Families to ramp up consumer engagement. Listen to his ideas of how the industry can work with charities who often show they have a better grasp of marketing and social media than many in financial services.

That’s all right here in Episode 62 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Johnny Timpson on Protection Engagement

Who is Johnny Timpson

Johnny is the Financial Protection Technical & Industry Affairs Manager at Scottish Widows based in Edinburgh.

He’s a well-known speaker, Protection Review Personality of the Year 2014, and works with 7 Families, the Income Protection Taskforce and the Association of British Insurers.

Johnny’s Links:

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