John Bloomfield on Effective Marketing for Small Adviser Firms – MPAF19

Digital tools mean that anyone can market their business effectively whereas only a few years ago such methods were restricted to those companies with large budgets.

But with so much available is can be a daunting task coming up with a marketing strategy and then putting client communications in place.

I originally connected with today’s guest on Google+ a somewhat underrated social media platform and I was very interested in his approach. So it’s great to welcome him to the MPAF Podcast.

My guest on Episode 19 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is John Bloomfield.

John Bloomfield is a financial adviser who’s put together a great strategy for his own business and now helps other advisers with theirs.

John Bloomfield on Effective Marketing for Small Adviser Firms - MPAF19

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Who is John Bloomfield?

John runs Bloomfield Financial Ltd – a company within the Sesame Network.

John also runs a design runs a web design agency called DeeMo which started as a pet project and has developed into a company that supports other financial advisers with their online offerings.

He is best known in the adviser community for having set up Sesame Forum – an online community for advisers within that network to chat anonymously about concerns and support each other with their business.

Hear how he created a communications strategy including his website, email list, newsletter and client surveys. Listen to the challenges and successes he has experienced on his financial services marketing journey.

John’s links:

John’s Favourite BusinessBook:

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port.

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