Jason Hulott on referrals for financial professionals – MAF137

My guest this week is Jason Hulott.

We talk about referrals for financial professionals and where this fits in a wider marketing plan.

Welcome to episode 137 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Jason Hulott on referrals for financial professionals - MAF137

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • The truth about financial services social media and compliance
  • Why, even if you decide not to use social media to engage with clients, you should still use it to listen
  • Whether referrals are as important as they used to be now we have social media and digital channels
  • How to avoid “shiny new toy” syndrome and focus on where your clients are
  • Creating content your referral network can use

Who Jason Hulott?

Jason is co-founder and Business Development Manager at Speedie Consultants Limited. They started in 2003 and are a full service internet marketing agency mainly helping those in the personal finance and insurance niche.

His area of specialism within the business is traffic generation; lead generation; and income generation via many activities including: social media marketing, link building, affiliate marketing, lead generation and business consultancy.


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