How to make marketing simple – Soulful PR Podcast

PR can be great for your business.

Journalists love stories and if you have one to tell you’ll find them eager to listen.

My friend Janet Murray runs Soulful PR, a company dedicated to helping small businesses get PR coverage.

She knows her stuff having spent the last fifteen years writing and editing for national newspapers, magazines including the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Times, Sun and Daily Mail.

As well as seminars, webinars, and other events, Janet runs the Soulful PR Podcast and I was delighted to be her guest on episode 125.

Soulful PR Podcast

Here’s the link across to Janet’s Soulful PR Podcast page.

We talk about how to make marketing simple.

One of my favourite subjects as you know.

Here’s what you can hear about in the show.

  • Roger’s business story – from big business marketing director to helping financial services companies with their marketing, alongside working as a Body Combat instructor
  • Why you need to start by identifying exactly who your ideal customers are
  • The questions you should be asking to tap into what your target audience needs
  • How using elements of your personal life can be a powerful way to market your business
  • The beauty of being able to constantly refine your message – and your products – in response to feedback
  • Practical tips on speaking your customers’ language in your marketing copy
  • How to use storytelling on social media as a marketing tool

I really enjoyed being a guest on Janet’s Podcast – she’s a terrific host. Check out some of her other interviews, all full of ideas, tips, and tricks for upping your PR game.

And, of course, Janet appeared on the Marketing and Finance Podcast back in episode 93 and you can listen to it by clicking below.

Now it’s your turn:

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