Fighting Complexity – speaking at Content Marketing Academy Live 2017

Last year’s Content Marketing Academy Conference in Edinburgh was the best marketing conference I’ve ever been to.

And I’ve been to lots.

Over about 25 years.

What was so good about it?

  • A perfect blend of international and local speakers who stayed for the whole 2 days. They didn’t hide in the “green room” or disappear as soon as they’d finished their speech. We could hang out with them. Have a beer with them. Carry on learning from them.
  • Learning as much from attendees as I learned from the speakers. A motivated group of business leaders brimming with enthusiasm and ideas. I made some great friends at TCMA 2016.
  • A great venue – a converted church. And amazing attention to detail. Even down to the amenity kits waiting in the restrooms.

I booked for the 2017 conference as soon as I arrived home after the 2016 event.

You can read my review of TCMA2016 right here.

But this year I’ll not just be an attendee learning from another great line up of speakers and delegates.  I’m delighted Chris Marr, the founder, and brains behind what is now called CMALive 2017, has asked me to be a speaker as well.

Fighting Complexity - speaking at Content Marketing Academy Live 2017

You won’t be surprised to hear I’m speaking about keeping marketing simple.

Here’s the pitch:

Fighting Complexity: How to keep marketing simple from start up to big corporate.

Whether your business is a small start-up, or growing rapidly, simplicity in your marketing strategy is essential for success. And it’s what your customers want. When some companies grow, complexity and bureaucracy sets in and can blur your focus and kill clear marketing messages.
You’ll hear how to stay focussed on this as your business grows, how to avoid marketing bloat and bullshit, how to remain engaging, and how to keep making sales.

And here’s a short video where I hit you (not the boxing gloves) with a summary of what I’ll be talking about.

Are you going to Content Marketing Academy Live 2017?

It’s in Edinburgh on 8 and 9 June 2017.

You’ll recognise some of the speakers as past guests on the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

It would be good to see you at Content Marketing Academy Live 2017. If you fancy a few days in Edinburgh in June check out the website and think about getting yourself booked on.

Do you need marketing help?

I might come across a bit obsessed with keeping marketing simple. That’s because I believe complexity is unnecessary and gets in the way of sales and business growth. If you’re finding it difficult putting together a simple strategy, or find yourself tied up with tactics, I’d love to chat with you to find out if I can help you.

Get in touch. We can talk over Skype whenever you’re ready.