Emma Thomson on promoting positive protection insurance stories – MAF140

My guest on the show this week is Emma Thomson.

We talk about building LifeSearch, promoting positive protection stories, and the Protection Distributors Group.

It’s a great interview full of insights and ideas about company culture and customer engagement.

Welcome to episode 140 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Emma Thomson on promoting positive protection insurance stories - MAF140

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • The success of LifeSearch, one of the UK’s biggest protection insurance intermediaries
  • How company culture is important in developing a true customer focus
  • Making sure people see positive PR stories rather than focusing on the odd negative one
  • How real stories about the experiences of real people are the best way of broaching a dull subject like insurance
  • How creating your own awards event can improve products and service in your industry
  • The development and successes to date of the Protection Distributors Group

Who Emma Thomson?

Emma is Life Office Relations Director at LifeSearch.

She consults with financial services product providers on the strengths and weaknesses of their offerings to help them increase their business. Externally she provides advice on Product, E-Commerce and Process development and is a member of the F&TRC Protection Forum, the Income Protection Task Force and the Protection Distributors Group.

She also has a regular column in Money Marketing Magazine.


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