Eileen Murphy on CRM Business Processes and Successful Relationships – MPAF28

It’s so important for successful businesses to manage their interactions with current and future customers.

Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM for short) can make a real difference to this process. But as always there are many systems available.

My guest today specialises not only in helping companies choose a CRM system, but also helps train them so that CRM becomes part of their culture.

Hear how Elieen started Informed Training and has helped many financial advisers embed CRM into their businesses.

Listen to the passion Eileen has for marrying CRM with culture and business processes to create successful and profitable relationships.

Eileen Murphy on CRM Business Processes and Successful Relationships

Who is Eileen Murphy? Eileen runs Informed Training, which is an Independent provider of Consultancy and CRM Training services working closely with the Financial Services Sector.

They offer Independent practical hands-on Consultancy in order to understand businesses. With empathy and understanding, this ensures that training is relevant and ensures companies use their CRM systems more effectively to drive their business forward.

A little known fact about Eileen is that she appeared on stage with the late Roy Castle and Carol Vordeman – and like Roy Castle, she believes in “Dedication – That’s What You Need.”

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43 Mistakes Businesses Make and how to avoid them by Duncan Bannatyne.

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