Edinburgh Scott Monument – Spires and Star Flyers – RogVLOG18

Winter Wonderland and the Christmas market opened recently in Edinburgh.

It’s a fun time of year with shops and restaurants, German beer huts, cheese and chocolate stalls, roundabouts and rollercoasters springing up in Princes Street Gardens and the surrounding streets.

This year they’ve built the terrifying Star Flyer ride next to the Scott Monument. A perfect combination of historic and modern.

In the latest episode of RogVLOG, I take a break from the day job and take you on a whistle-stop tour of the Edinburgh Christmas Market.

Let’s climb to the top of the Scott Monument and look down on the Star Flyer.

Which is the scarier attraction?

The historic building with its narrow spiral stone staircases, or the modern 200ft high roundabout?

I have to let you into a secret.

Even though it was a beautiful, but chilly day, when I filmed this VLOG, the climb up and down the Scott Monument was physically exhausting. Cold winds howled down its tight spiral staircases. At the top, it’s like climbing up through a drain pipe. Coming down is a test of balance and endurance.

My body trembled and I needed a big black coffee to recover from the ascent and descent. I think the Scott Monument might be the scarier attraction.

Now it’s your turn:

Which would you prefer? The historic stone monument or the white-knuckle sky ride?

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Scott Monument Spires and Star Flyers