Don’t Fear Social Media in your Marketing

Some companies, particularly in regulated industries like financial services, still fear using social media in their marketing.

Or using social media at all.

I recorded a podcast about this over two years ago but I still get the same questions asked of me by clients today.

In this short video I look at why some companies have a problem.

And I have one big tip and a giant cup of coffee to tell them it’s time to stop being afraid.

It’s all to do with how they perceive social media platforms.

If they see them simply as another promotional channel then they’ll naturally treat each Tweet and each post as a promotion or advert. That means full compliance with the regulations.

They don’t want to risk breaking the rules so they shy away from social media.

But if you use social media for what it is, a social interaction. A two way conversation. An engagement. Then the regulation problems go away.

Don’t promote stuff. Just have a conversation.

My top tip is this.

“Don’t push product. Just point to great content”.

If you do that, you’ve no reason to fear social media.

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Don't Fear Social Media in your Marketing: Even if you're in financial services