Do marketers ruin everything? Marketing Made Simple 11

Do marketers ruin everything they get their hands on?

The evidence suggests yes.

Along comes a new platform or social media app and before you know it it’s a torrent of marketing broadcasts and adverts. Eventually, people will either move elsewhere or try and find a way to block the broadcasts and adverts.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple let’s look at how we can engage and not enrage our customers when a new app or platform comes along.

There’s one very simple rule to follow.

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This is the 11th in a new series of videos under the “Marketing: Made Simple” banner. I’ve been doing marketing tips videos for a while but putting them out under the title, Marketing and Finance TV. Whilst this title works for my podcast, I rarely talk about finance subjects in my videos. So it makes sense to focus on keeping marketing simple. Fighting the BS and complexity. Marketing: Made Simple!

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Do marketers ruin everything? Marketing Made Simple video.