Let’s have a coffee and NOT talk about the C-word – MAF238

This week, let’s have a coffee and NOT talk about the C-word.

I’d like to offer you the chance to hop on a Zoom or Skype call with me to have a chat about anything. Maybe business, maybe fitness, maybe personal.

I’m not trying to capitalise on the situation we find ourselves in, but I’ve had lots of events cancelled and I’d like to use that time to help.

Welcome to episode 238 of the award-winning Marketing and Finance podcast.

Let's have a coffee and NOT talk about the C-word - MAF238

What you’ll hear about in this episode

☕️ I just going to talk about what we could talk about as we have that virtual coffee. My coaching clients say I’m a good listener and very creative.

? The current crisis hasn’t made me an expert overnight in working from home, but I’ve been doing it for 7 years so I know a few tricks. We could talk about that.

?I never call myself a Marketing Guru – but I’ve been helping people keeping marketing simple for 25 years – I’d love to help you if I can. Maybe now is a good time to redefine who your target customer is? Or work on your offer? We could talk about that.

??As a fitness and Yoga teacher, I love to talk about health and well being, breathing techniques and exercise. We could talk about that.

And finally.

? If you fancy something different to read I’d be delighted to send you the Beta Reader copy of my yet to be published Marketing Book.


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