Chris Hitchens on Platform People and Military Business Lessons – MPAF23

Platforms form the foundation of the financial advice process for many investors.

But like many propositions in financial services they can be complicated and need researching to decide on the best fit for each client.

My guest today started Platform People a company providing advisory, resource and due diligence services for advisers looking to compare platforms.

Listen as Chris tells a fascinating story about how he built Platform People and its employee focussed culture.  Listen how, as a former Military Helicopter Pilot,  he applied lessons from the military to his financial services business.

My guest on Episode 23 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Chris Hitchens.

Chris Hitchens on Platform People and Military Business Lessons - MPAF23

Who is Chris Hitchens?

As CEO, Chris has built up Platform People which is an organically started and grown, debt-free multi-million pound business with 5 offices nationally.

It was the first company in the UK to be accredited with Investors in People Gold and ISO: 9001 on the first attempt and we also have ISO:27001.

Chris believes the best way to look after his clients is for him to look after his people.

Before starting Platform People Chris worked in Financial Services, Software, Consulting, Engineering, M&A and Retail.

Earlier he was a Military Helicopter Pilot with the Army Air Corps for 14 years. So he has strong personal values regarding integrity, honour and delivery, no matter what the task is and is always looking for people with similar values to work with.

He owns a Harley and a bright orange chopper motorcycle.

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Looking for trouble – General Sir Peter De La Gilliere

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