Chris Hitchens on Co-ignition Recruitment and Disrupting Tired Industries – MPAF55

In this episode I talk again to Chris Hitchens.

He first appeared on the MPAF Podcast in Episode 23 talking about Platform People.

Now he’s back to discuss his new venture called Co-ignition, a very different type of recruitment company which Chris describes as the Ebay of recruitment. Co-ignition is already causing a stir in the financial services recruitment market in the UK and Australia.

Listen to Chris’s story of how he developed Co-ignition. Hear how he’s relishing disrupting a market that many view as tired and stale.

What lessons can we learn and how could we disrupt other financial services sectors with innovative new ideas and models?

That’s all right here on Episode 55 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.


Who is Chris Hitchens?

Chris is CEO of Platform People and recently launched Co-ignition – a new way of doing recruitment.

Chris believes the best way to look after his clients is for him to look after his people.

Having been a Military Helicopter Pilot with the Army Air Corps for 14 years. So he has strong personal values regarding integrity, honour and delivery, no matter what the task is and is always looking for people with similar values to work with.

He owns a Harley and a bright orange chopper motorcycle.

Chris’s links:

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