Chris Daems on AE in a Box and The Power of Three – MPAF29

Spotting the needs of niche customers and developing a specific product makes good business sense.

My guest today realised that his consultancy business model wasn’t suited to smaller companies looking to comply with Auto Enrolment.

So he built his own online solution for that niche called “AE in a Box”.

This is the inspiring story of how Chris used digital technology to simplify a complex process.

Hear how Chris built “AE in a Box” and the challenges he faced on the way. Listen to how he took the concept to market and the lessons he learned. Chris’s experience proves that anyone can develop their own products thanks to tools available online.

Don’t miss this fascinating story from a real expert on Auto Enrolment.

A slightly longer than usual episode with some useful tangents about new Social Media PlatformNatter, and internet design wholesaler,

Chris Daems on AE in a Box and The Power of Three

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Who is Chris Daems?

Chris is the director of both Principal Financial Solutions and The Auto Enrolment Advisory Group as well as being an experienced financial planner.

The majority of his clients are directors of owner managed businesses and Chris considers this to be his particular area of expertise.

However, more recently Chris has specialised in helping firms of all sizes (ranging from 1500 through to 30 employees) with the challenges they face whilst meeting the employer duties relating to automatic enrolment regulation.

Chris won “Bluebook Newcomer” and “Pensions Adviser of the year award” at the Unbiased adviser awards 2014 and was runner-up (for most innovative business) and finalist (for ‘Real Life Entrepreneur’) in last years London FSB Awards and won “Group Pension Adviser of the Year” and was commended for “SIPP Adviser of the Year” at the 2014 FT Adviser Life and Pension Awards.

Over the past few months Chris has been instrumental in launching AE in a Box – a software tool designed to empower small employers comply with Auto Enrolment regulation in the most straightforward way possible.

Chris is married to Cassie and has two daughters, Charlotte and Sophie.

One thing you might not know about Chris is his cousin was the first “Ronseal Man” and the first person to use the phrase ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’ on primetime TV.

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Chris’s favourite books:

Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini.

Thinking Fast and Slow – by Daniel Kahneman.

Getting Things Done – by David Allen.

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