Catriona Standingford on Excelling at Financial Services Qualifications – MPAF40

Since RDR the Level 4 Diploma is the minimum qualification for a financial planner.

Higher up the scale are Level 6 Chartered Status or Certified Status.

What do consumers prefer when looking for a financial adviser? Do they know the difference? And will the minimum standard be raised to a mandatory Level 6 in future?

My guest today helps advisers achieve success in their qualifications. It can be a complex journey and Catriona offers some great tips on how to make it through.

Listen to her thoughts on the differences between Chartered and Certified Status and how to plan for a good result.

Hear her prediction about whether Level 6 will become the new minimum standard.

That’s all right here in Episode 40 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Catriona Standingford MPAF40

Who is Catriona Standingford?

Catriona is the founder of Brand Financial Training.

She and her team have been around since January 2008 providing CII exam candidates with immediately accessible, quality learning resources. Her aim is to have happy customers who are passing their exams and progressing in their career.

A little known fact about Catriona is that she ran a letting agency – which she described as horrendous – so we won’t be talking about letting agencies today.

Catriona’s links:

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