Bridget Greenwood on Planning for Social Media Success – MPAF36

Social Media is a proven method of finding and connecting with potential customers.

And with the recent FCA Guidance on Social Media use increasing confidence amongst Financial Businesses, we’re likely to see use begin to motor.

But whilst there is an immediacy about Social Media due to its very nature, using social successfully can be a long game. And planning is essential.

My guest today has built a successful business helping firms plan for success in social media.

Hear Bridget’s thoughts about the current social media landscape in financial services.

Listen to her tips and thoughts on putting together a plan for increasing your presence on social media and how you can use it to connect with new clients.

That’s all right here in episode 36 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Bridget Greenwood MPAF36

Who is Bridget Greenwood?

Bridget runs a company called Financial Social Media.

Winner of “Personality of the Year – Professional Adviser”, Bridget’s spent the last few years developing leading strategies within Social Media to extend reach, influence and connections, bringing business, clients and prospects together.

Previously an IFA Bridget works with financial advisers, wealth managers, professional bodies like the IFP, Panacea Adviser, asset managers and other financial firms.

Working with clients to put together a road map for their social media, offer training, guidance around governance, tools, implementation, monitoring and reviewing.

Bridget’s Contact links:

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