Brand storytelling: How you can use Instagram or Snapchat stories to engage with more customers

Brand storytelling is something you shouldn’t ignore. And whatever the platform the techniques are the same and easy to learn.

If you read my article on Snapchat for older people and businesses earlier this year, were you a little skeptical?

Snapchat is for kids and teenagers isn’t it?

You can’t use Snapchat as a business? Can you?


I think you can and still do.

The “Story” function is a great way to engage with customers. Show them the real you. The face behind your business. The real human behind your brand. Give them a behind the scenes view of what makes your business tick.

But there’s a stigma about Snapchat. The “kids and teenagers” label might create a nagging doubt.

Instagram recently launched their own version of Snapchat stories. It’s almost a carbon copy. And it’s good news for businesses.

You’re probably using Instagram already. If not you’ll agree it doesn’t carry the same stigma as Snapchat. Now, as well as great photos, you can share your stories. A series of videos and photos merged into a stream.

The key for businesses is telling stories. Whether it’s your own personal brand or company name, telling stories is going to become more important.

Please have a listen to this podcast where I talk to entrepreneur Kelly Baader about brand storytelling on Instagram and Snapchat.

You’ll hear us chat about:

  • Tips for creating compelling stories: master the brevity of simplicity, create suspense, use behind-the-scenes, and engage with your audience with involvement
  • How Instagram and Snapchat “stories” can help you get personal with your potential customers, making it easier for them to engage with your business.
  • How Instagram’s wide reach of demographics combined with a facsimile of  Snapchat “stories” make it a perfect platform for businesses to showcase their products through storytelling.

You can listen to the episode by clicking here.

Or you can visit Kelly’s website by clicking here.

Now it’s your turn:

Please let me know what you thought of the show. If you want to have a chat about Brand storytelling and how you can use Instagram or Snapchat stories to engage with more customers, please get in touch.