The Book

“Cat’s Mats and Marketing Plans” will be available from 2 November on Amazon Kindle or as a paperback edition.

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You’ll be able to order the print edition from the same link on 2 November

If you have a team, or are running a conference and would like to buy bulk copies of the paperback, please get in touch and I’ll give you a quote.

Here’s the blurb:

How do we keep marketing simple in a complex world? How can we make an offer that stands out? How do we craft our communications to engage, not enrage our customers?

With the tools available in the digital world, marketing is more accessible than ever, no matter what your budget. But there’s more to marketing than email, adverts and social media.

And if you don’t have a background in marketing, knowing where to start can be tricky. Academic institutions and big corporates can make it appear complex and bewildering.

This book is your guide to keeping your marketing simple. Using the easy “Offer–Goal–Activity” model you’ll be able to build a simple marketing plan. The stories and tips will help you avoid complexity creeping in as your business soars to success

“Man alive, the world needs this book! Roger brings decades of practical experience to bear and a fierce passion to rid the world of jargon and bullshit and has produced a book of superb clarity and practicality.”

Pete Matthew – host of the ‘Meaningful Money’ podcast and author of ‘The Meaningful Money Handbook’