Banish the Bullshit – Business Writing Tips for Simpler Copy

Writing clear simple business copy is hard.

Even when we try not to, we can fill our business writing with jargon, management speak and complexity.

Excusable, just, in internal documents where everyone understands the language, such copy has no place in front of customers.

But if we feel its acceptable inside then inevitably it will find its way outside.

Why do companies communicate like this?

  • Perhaps they think that more complex language sounds more professional?
  • Maybe they think big words offer more legal protection?
  • Could be that they write their communications by committee and by the time everyone has had their say, the result is a confused mess?

Have a look at some business copy. Any industry. Any company. As a customer would you be happy to read it? Is it engaging? Can you understand it?

But it’s time to change. It’s time to fight back and banish the bullshit. Let’s talk in plain English. That’s how most people like to communicate. Verbally and in writing.

I’m still astonished by some of the complex language and mumbo jumbo some companies put in their communications.

I’ve always been a stickler for simple language in marketing communications. I’ve always tried to avoid jargon, gobbledygook and most of all long passive sentences. It’s been hard fighting against the “system” though, and I find I lapse from time to time.

That’s why I’ve written this eBook which is yours for free when you sign up for my updates.

Business Writing Tips for Simpler Copy – 7 Tips for Transforming Jargon and Complexity into Clear Simple and Engaging Text.

When you work in an industry of complex products and processes you owe it to your clients and each other to make communications simple. Resist the people who comment on your copy and want to reintroduce complex language unless there is a legal reason for doing so. The fact that they “wouldn’t have written it that way” is not good enough.

In this eBook you’ll find 7 tips for writing simpler business copy. And lots of examples too. Covering active not passive sentences, jargon and management speak, the eBook is your guide to banishing the bullshit.

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I hope you enjoy the tips and can introduce them into your own writing.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Please let me know what you think of the eBook. If you want more help with your business writing please get in touch.