Annabel Brodie-Smith on Investment Company Opportunities Post RDR – MPAF42

Financial Advisers often regard closed-ended Investment Companies as a riskier investment choice.

Some confine their recommendations to more traditional open-ended Investment Funds.

My guest today is keen to promote the opportunities offered by Investment Companies and to overcome some of the perceptions people have about them.

Listen to Annabel talk about the differences between these investment vehicles and how they can form part of a well-rounded portfolio.

Hear about the work the Association of Investment Companies is carrying out in response to RDR, the training they are taking on the road and the initial success they’ve had integrating social media into their communications.

That’s all right here in episode 42 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Annabel Brodie-Smith on Investment Company Opportunities Post RDR

Who is Annabel Brodie-Smith?

Annabel is Communications Director at the Association of Investment Companies.

She focusses on communicating the uses, features and benefits of Investment Companies to the media, opinion formers, financial advisers, wealth managers and private investors.

She leads the AIC’s public relations and her challenges have included transforming the profile of the AIC, its advertising campaigns, and the splits crisis.

Annabel is also leading the AIC’s response to RDR and has implemented a training and information programme for advisers including training seminars, online training, a dedicated section of the website and an online newsletter.

Annabel’s links:

So it isn’t a business book. Who cares. It’s a classic and we have to relax now and then don’t we?

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