Andy Lopata on Effective Networking and Referrals – MPAF9

Do you have a Networking Strategy?

If you’re like me you may have written marketing strategies, sales strategies or proposition strategies. But I’ve never once thought about a networking strategy.

My guest on Episode 9 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Andy Lopata.

Andy Lopata on Effective Networking and Referrals

Andy argues that whether it’s for individual career development, business generation or simply for getting the job done, networking is an increasingly vital tool for business.

But you need to take a strategic approach to it.

Hear how you can put together a networking strategy that will help to grow your business. And listen to how you can weave successful referrals into that networking.

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Who is Andy Lopata?

Labelled ‘Mr Network’ by The Sun, Andy Lopata was called one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists by the Financial Times. Andy is the author of three books on networking, as well as a blogger for The Huffington Post and NatWest Business Sense.

Andy speaks internationally and has worked with companies from one-man bands to organisations such as Deloitte, Merrill Lynch and Mastercard to help them realise the full potential from their networking.

He is also a Fellow and former vice-president of the Professional Speaking Association.

Please don’t miss these actionable ideas for building your network and getting referrals. I learned so much doing the interview. So will you.

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