Andy Hart on Voyant and mastering financial planning software – MAF101

In this episode, I talk to Andy Hart about Voyant.

How you can master financial planning software for the benefit of your clients and your business.

Welcome to episode 101 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Andy Hart on Voyant and mastering financial planning software

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • How software can help with sophisticated financial planning
  • Andy’s use of content marketing to build a second business as a Voyant expert
  • How Karate grading belts inspired Andy’s training courses

Who is Andy Hart?

Andy is a financial adviser specialising in helping people plan for their retirement and to manage their investments effectively once they retire. Working for Serenity Financial Planning he assists people to plan their finances in the context of their life goals.

He’s also an expert in the use of Voyant, the major software solution used in the financial planning industry. His advanced knowledge of this product and his experience in using Voyant to help clients make good financial planning decisions have enabled him to become a well-respected Voyant trainer and sought-after speaker on financial planning and the future of the industry.

Andrew runs seminars, webinars and presents at conferences on how to use Voyant


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