Andrew Wibberley on Risk, Post Codes and Sleepwalking into Preferred Lives Underwriting – MPAF66

Are cheap protection prices in the UK an illusion?

Each provider fights to appear competitive on comparison sites, but one in four or more applicants now face extra premiums after underwriting.

Is that fair?

In the episode I talk to Andrew Wibberley, an underwriting expert with a provider a reinsurance pedigree.

We discuss whether we have sleepwalked into preferred lives underwriting and how far we can take this before it becomes unreasonable. We debate using post codes and whether that will shave more off the headline rate but leave even more people open to paying higher premiums than they were expecting.

That’s all right here in Episode 66 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

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Who is Andrew Wibberley?

A law graduate, Andrew has worked as an underwriter for Fortis (Now AIG) and head of underwriting for Swiss Re.

He recently left corporate life to set up Alea Risk, a consultancy aiming to make the purchase of life insurance easier.

Andrew is married to Charlotte Wibberley who appeared on the MPAF Podcast back in Episode 57 talking about virtual assistance and online business management.

Andrew’s links:

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