Andrew Gething on Changing Protection Underwriting – MPAF20

Underwriting gets a good deal of bad press. But is it justified?

In the advised protection market the consequence of price competition on term assurance and critical illness products is tighter underwriting, more medical evidence and more ratings.

Online applications and tele-underwriting can help speed up the process but clients face disappointment when they find their premium is higher than originally quoted.

Is it time we changed the way we quote for protection products so we do not raise client expectations with cheap headline rates more people cannot obtain?

My guest today pioneered tele-underwriting in the UK and firmly believes that we need change. But what does “good” look like?

My guest on Episode 20 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Andrew Gething.

Andrew Gething on Changing Protection Underwriting - MPAF20

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Who is Andrew Gething?

Andrew is founder and MD of Morgan Ash.

Before that, he was a Chartered Structural Engineer and entrepreneur starting several other companies one of which was an IT specialist.

In his spare time, Andrew is currently walking all the Wainwrights – that 214 hills in the Lake District of which he has only 22 more to do.

Hear Andrew’s views on the current relationship between quoted premium rates and the final rates we offer after underwriting. Listen to his proposed solutions on how we can change underwriting from the current sometimes painful process to a valuable individual assessment.

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