Alan and Kathryn Knowles on zombies, gnomes and quirky financial services marketing – MAF145

This week on the show my guests are Alan and Kathryn Knowles.

We talk about how they became an award winning specialist financial adviser firm by using zombies, gnomes and advent calendars to create some quirky marketing campaigns.

Welcome to episode 145 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • How Alan and Kathryn developed a niche focusing on people who find it difficult to get protection insurance
  • Dealing with clients individually and taking referrals from other financial advisers
  • How Kathryn comes up with the ideas for marketing campaigns based on popular culture
  • Trying to make boring insurance a little more engaging and more about planning
  • Why content rather than in your face promotion leads to better engagement with customers

Who are Alan and Kathryn Knowles?

Alan and Kathryn  run Cura Financial Services Ltd which is the holding company for the Special Risks Bureau.

Based in North Yorkshire they won Best Protection Intermediary at the Money Marketing Awards in June 2017. More recently, at the Cover Magazine Awards 2017 in October, they were Highly Commended in the Best Promotion by an Intermediary category and won Best Specialist Intermediary.


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