Adam Carolan on Nurturing Young Adviser Talent and Engaging Younger Clients – MPAF86

Some of the perceptions that stop people seeking financial advice also stop them choosing advising as a career.

Does the public believe only older wealthier people need advice? And that advising is not a good career choice for youngsters?

In this episode, I chat to Adam Carolan who believes it’s time perceptions changed. And he’s actually doing something about it.

Hear about his website and content for creating interest in financial planning among younger clients. And his initiative devoted to nurturing the next generation of young adviser talent.

That’s all right here in episode 86 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Adam Carolan on Nurturing Young Adviser Talent and Engaging Younger Clients

Who is Adam Carolan?

Adam is an Independent, “fee only” financial adviser and Director at Xentum, specialising in working with aspiring professionals and business owners.

He’s a self-confessed finance nerd and a big fan of technology.

He wants to see the rise of a young, dynamic and entrusting profession in personal finance.

He’s also author of Genius with Money, a site specifically setup to help professionals and business owners navigate money and finance without all the usual jargon.


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