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Thursday 31 August 2018: Steve Miller on making your business Uncopyable – MAF185

Here are the show notes for this Episode – MAF185

The podcast for ideas and inspiration on marketing your business and growing your business, and for discussing topics on all things finance.

The Marketing and Finance Podcast is a 30-minute radio show you download. Each week you’ll hear interviews with business experts, marketers, entreprenuers and journalists.

Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill. Or even in the bath!

We’ll talk about:

  • How you can grow your business using content marketing and social media
  • How you can keep your Marketing strategy and communications simple
  • Topics, issues, products and business models from the world of finance

What you’ll take away

One or two big ideas that you can apply to your business. So you can keep marketing your business to keep growing your business.

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