8 Ways You and Your Business Benefit from Podcasts

You can benefit personally from listening to podcasts and your business will almost certainly benefit if you launch your own.

If you don’t know what a podcast is think of it as an “on demand audio show”.

You can download them to a desktop or mobile device to listen to at your leisure.

8 Ways You and Your Business benefit from Podcasts

Most are audio only. In our world of never-ending video you might be surprised that audio is still a powerful medium. But think about it. You can listen to audio anywhere. In the car. On the treadmill. As you cut the grass. Whilst you cook a meal. Even when you’re in the bath.

You can’t always watch video in the same circumstances. And sometimes, when driving, you just shouldn’t.

Whatever the subject, business, fitness, photography, travel you’ll be able to find quality content you can plug into your ear buds.

I started listening to US business Podcasts a few years ago. Mad Marketing by Marcus Sheridan, Social Media Marketing by Michael Stelzner, Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel and Content Warfare by Ryan Hanley. I felt I had my own personal, unpaid, consultants filling my mind with ideas, insight and advice.

They inspired me to launch the Marketing Protection and Podcast. Initially an experiment, the MPAF Podcast has become a key part of my business, generating inquiries and business opportunities.

So how can you benefit personally from listening  to podcasts? And what about your business?

Benefits for you personally:

  • Learn from the world’s experts: Whether it’s marketing, cooking, stamp collecting or languages, some of the best teachers out there are ready for your earphones.
  • Relax and have fun: Listen to some comedy, film or music reviews or people discussing travel destinations.

Benefits for your business:

  • Shows you up as an expert: Talk about what you know. Interview people from your peer group. Your listeners will begin to recognise your expertise and may want to engage with you further
  • Gives you a reason to email out to list: Each time you drop a new episode tell your email subscribers.
  • Gives you something to share on social: And of course use social media to tell your followers and contacts.
  • Adds to your business or personal brand: Some of those American podcasters, whilst well-known in the USA, have expanded their personal and brand recognition across the world thanks to their podcasts.
  • If it’s an interview show your guests give your listeners great ideas and inspiration:  BUT you also get free consulting and ideas for you as you conduct the interviews.
  • Generates inquiries and brings in business: Exactly what you want.

So why not listen to a few podcasts? They may sow a seed. You might decide to launch your own. Everyone can start a podcast by using their ability to engage with potential clients and grow their business.

For a more detailed guide to launching a podcast, please see this excellent resource from DJ City.

Now it’s your turn:

If you have any questions about pod-casting or need help starting a podcast please get in touch.