3 power words to drive business in 2019

Inspire. Entertain. Teach.

These are the 3 words I’ve chosen to guide my business in 2019.

Welcome to Marketing Made Simple. So what’s with the 3 words? It’s a little exercise I picked up back in 2010. I’m not sure who started it, but I associate it most with famous marketers, Mitch Joel and Chris Brogan.

Every year I come up with three words that will drive my business and what I do in the year ahead.

In this video, let’s talk about why I’ve chosen, inspire, entertain and teach and how this fits with my goals to speak on more stages, produce more videos and finish my book.

The words are also integral to my personal definition of content marketing.

“Creating stuff that inspires, entertains and teaches people to know like and trust you enough to do business with you.”

What are your three words for 2019?

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This is the 7th in a new series of videos under the “Marketing: Made Simple” banner. I’ve been doing marketing tips videos for a while but putting them out under the title, Marketing and Finance TV. Whilst this title works for my podcast, I rarely talk about finance subjects in my videos. So it makes sense to focus on keeping marketing simple. Fighting the BS and the complexity. Marketing: Made Simple!

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