2 cracking MARKETING TIPS – but forget 3,4 and 5 – Marketing Made Simple 19

Many companies have had to change their offer and the way they do business in the midst of the global Coronavirus crisis.

And now there is a hint of a lifting of the lockdown many companies are looking forward to how their businesses will change to reflect the new normal.

I’ve come across this great article by a world-renowned consultancy firm setting out five key steps they think companies must take. But are they any good?

  • Number one is: Understand your customers deeply
  • Number two is: Bring humanity and empathy.

Number three… well actually 3, 4 and 5 sound a little bit like managementspeak and technobabble soundbites to me, so forget them.

But these first two are absolutely spot on.

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple, let’s grab a coffee and look at these simple but essential ideas.

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