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Welcome to the MPAF Podcast.

Monday 18 July 2016: Ian Fraser on Writing about RBS the Bank that Broke Britain – MPAF94

Here are the show notes for this Episode – MPAF93.

This is the Podcast for Professionals looking to share business ideas and inspiration in the world of  Marketing, Protection and Finance.

The MPAF Podcast is a 30 minute audio. Each week I’ll be interviewing financial services providers, advisers, experts and journalists.

Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill.

We talk about:

  • How you can promote your business using content marketing and social media
  • Marketing strategy, communications and propositions
  • Finance and protection products
  • Interesting business models and campaigns

What you’ll take away

One or two big business ideas that you can apply to their own business, whether it is a sales idea, advice idea, product tweak or simply an app that is worth looking at.

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