Colin Gray on How to Launch a Financial Services Podcast – MPAF75

Your business will almost certainly benefit if you launch your own podcast.

Some people are put off because they think they need thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment. Or that there’s no point because others are already doing it and have already taken the audience.

In this episode I talk to Colin Gray who quickly dispels these myths.

Listen to Colin talk about the business he’s built around podcast production and his tips on how to launch your own and build an audience.

That’s all right here in Episode 75 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Colin Gray on How to Launch a Financial Services Podcast

Who is Colin Gray?

Colin is an online educator, and has been teaching Podcasting and online business skills for over 7 years.

He works with businesses, universities and hobbyists to make podcasting work for them. He’s an experienced speaker within the business, new media and academic worlds appearing at some of the biggest UK and international new media conferences.


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