Public Speaking Skills, World Class Communication and presenting at Riverside Stadium – RogVLOG – 9

In this episode, join me for a speaking gig at the Teesside Business Show.

It took place at the awesome Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough, UK.

I used to do stacks of public speaking and I’m getting back into it and enjoying teaching business audiences how to “Keep Marketing Simple”.

I’m always learning myself too. Last year I went on the World Class Communications course with US speaker Marcus Sheridan. Hosted by the Content Marketing Academy, the course has allowed me to raise my speaking to a higher level.

So as well as having a look around the business show, we chat about world class communications, the Columbus principle, and other public speaking skills.

Let’s go and present.

Now it’s your turn:

If you want a motivating speaker for your event I’d be delighted to come along. My “Keeping Marketing Simple” talk is going down well. But if you need something more tailored to your needs we can chat about what you need.

Please check out my speaker page for more information.

If you want to learn more about World Class Communication with Marcus Sheridan – check out the WCC page right here.

Here’s more information on the Teesside Business Show.

The event is designed for all businesses of all types small or large and is a great platform for networking, connecting and learning all at the same time.

Public Speaking Skills

Andy Philo on Serious Illness Cover and rewards for understanding and improving your health – MAF122

In this show, my guest is Vitality’s, Andy Philo.

We chat about how Vitality developed Serious Illness Cover.

And we look at how they’re encouraging people to understand and improve their health.

Welcome to episode 122 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Andy Philo on Serious Illness Cover and rewards for understanding and improving your health - MAF122

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • The development of Serious Illness Cover as an alternative to critical illness cover
  • How Vitality created a new marketing approach to insurance using sausage dogs, Olympic athletes, brand discounts and rewards
  • What they’re doing to encourage people to understand and improve their health
  • Offering value for money for people with diabetes and high BMI

Who is Andy Philo

Andy is Director of IFA Distribution at Vitality.

He’s a passionate advocate of meeting the protection needs of customers and encouraging advisers to make protection a priority. A Dad of 2 he’s a Spurs supporter. You’ll see him out and about throughout the UK hosting Vitality’s many adviser roadshow events.

Andy’s links:

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Boys with Toys at the Broadcast Video Expo BVE 2017 – RogVLOG -8

Satisfy your inner geek.

Let’s go and look at some awesome video technology. Cameras. Lights. VR. Rigs. Gimbles.

Join Pascal Fintoni, Richard Tubb and I as we explore the Broadcast Video Expo 2017 at the Excel Arena in London.

BVExpo is the premier event for people interested in creating video. Whether live streaming, or pre-recorded.

BVExpo is the UK’s leading Entertainment and Media Tech event.  Its 20-year history is dedicated to the broadcast, production and post-production sectors.

In recent years, BVE has evolved the show into an all-encompassing event also covering: the Connected Media, AV Systems Integration, Live Production, VR and creative sectors.

  • Connected Media
  • AV Systems Integration
  • Live Production
  • VR and creative sectors
  • Streaming

Now it’s your turn:

As marketers, we can get seduced by shiny new toys.

We want to dive straight in and use the new tech to talk to our customers. But it has to be part of your marketing strategy and not just playing around with new gadgets. Does that sound like you? If you need help with your marketing strategy please get in touch.

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Broadcast Video Expo BVE